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So for those who don’t know the absolutely wonderful Rae (author of Ugly Sweater Verse and the Astral Projection series) is raising money for Hope 2 Haiti, a movement put together by Random Acts of Kindness. She’s hoping to raise $5,000 to go towards the building of the Jacmel’s Children’s Center in Haiti and to be able to go and help the community first hand! For more info, check out her post here.

To help her reach her goal, I’m going to be making custom dyed Chinese silk scarves! Scarves whatever colour you want, whether you it be one solid colour multiple colours in ombre. I can even do colour blocking with patterns, like flowers, triangles, stripes or clouds! I’m still learning how colours react with each other, so this gives me an opportunity to practice. Best part is, the money goes to a great cause and you get a handmade one of a kind scarf. Win win for everyone!

  • Single colour scarves will be $15.00. $10.00 will be donated to Hope 2 Haiti.
  • Multiple colour scarves and Patterned scarves will be $22.00. $15.00 will be donated to Hope 2 Haiti.

Prices are only higher than donation to cover shipping and material costs! All profit goes to the cause :)

  • So, where exactly is the money going?

One of the best places it could possibly go.

“Money raised for Haiti through Random Acts goes directly into local, sustainable projects serving children in Jacmel. RA’s projects have provided hundreds of children with a safe place to sleep, clean water and regular meals, health care, a school to go to, families who care for them and, most importantly, hope for the future. Volunteers with Random Acts will be going to work on construction at the Jacmel Children’s Center. Through help and support from awesome donators (like yourselves), the center is already two storeys high and has a roof over it. It still needs windows and doors, tiling, plumbing, solar panels, paint, and furnishings - which is what the team will be doing when we go.”

  • What exactly am I getting?

You will be getting a chinese silk scarf, 6” x 45”, dyed as per your specifications. An open line of communication between myself and the customer will be required, whether through email or through my askbox.

  • Sounds awesome! What information do you need from me? 

What I will need from you is the specifics of what colours or pattern you want.  There are tons of different shades of every color, so describe in detail! Visual reference goes a LONG way, and I can usually colour match to what colours you would like pretty close! However, I cannot do bright fluorescent colours. If you’re unsure on a colour ask me and I’ll let you know if I can do it! Even if I can’t get it the perfect fluorescent I can certainly make a valiant attempt.

  • I need one of your fantastic scarves. How do I contact and pay you??

You can either send me an ask in my askbox or you can email me at gobbs24601@gmail.com. If you’re going to email me please make sure to title the post “Hope2Haiti Scarf”. As for payment I take payment through paypal, and I will give you the specifics for that once we start discussing your order.

  • Are you willing to ship internationally?

Yes I am! The scarves are small and light, so shipping shouldn’t be too high on them. If it is a little higher than I have budgeted for then I might ask for a few dollars extra to cover the cost.

  • This sounds cool, but I can’t afford to buy a scarf. Is there any other way I can help?

Absolutely! If you can’t afford a scarf, every penny counts. Even if you only donate a dollar, that dollar goes a long way! 

If you would like more information on Hope 2 Haiti or Random Acts of Kindness, look no further!

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